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For 40 years, I've had an entrepreneurial spirit. The number of "jobs" I have had I can count on one hand. Even when I did work for someone else, I was always in a managerial capacity, with a large degree of independence.

The foundation of my business life was formed while in my teens, but the real springboard was when I joined Amway. I was able to put myself through college with Amway and became one of the youngest Direct Distributors in company history.

Besides learning the principles of business, leadership and management, I also learned the value of personal development. Reading the likes of Napolean Hill, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino, Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Robert Schuller gave me the critically important basis of positive thinking and personal development.

Today, I own several businesses. is my online marketing company. We focus on website design and search engine optimization. Recently, online marketing has expanded to include both search engine marketing and social media marketing, like Facebook, Twitter and blogging sites. Another new focus is on mobile text messaging, through a company called Izigg. The future of marketing will involve mobile text messaging.


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Survivors Guide and Checklist

Leave your family a checklist of all the information they need to know following your death. From financial information like insurance, portfolio, investment and banking information to legal information like your will, trust and estate plan. The checklist also includes important information about home and auto maintenance and bill paying.



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